Born at a very young age in Dayton Tennessee, Tom (Tommy) and family moved to Newport, Tennessee where he joined the second grade of Newport Grammar School, to become a member of the eventual "Illustrious Class of '59" graduating class of Cocke County High School.

After a short time at Tennessee Tech University, Tom joined Uncle Sam's Finest (otherwise known as the United States Air Force), married "Miss 'Nita" (his wife of forty-nine years), learned a trade, and saw the world from the bottom of a communications manhole or cable trench.

Tom worked at Southern Bell and Newport Utilities before finishing college and entering seminary and becoming the full time Pastor of the West End Baptist Church in Newport.  After a seventeen year tour as Pastor of First Baptist Church of Wartburg, Tennessee, Tom and "Miss 'Nita are now back in Newport where he serves once again the West End Baptist Church.

These posts are published newspaper columns that have appeared in the "Cocke County Banner", the "Morgan County News", and the "Newport Plain Talk".  Some are highly localized; and for that, we apologize to our international readers - apologize that you have missed the major part of your education by not growing up in the mountainous hills and moonshine stills of East Tennessee (but, hey, we can't have everything).

Enjoy; and be challenged!